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These series of short books aren’t similar to most other Bass tuition books.  They are a small archive of the things and ideas that have helped me become the Bass player I am today.  A little insight into my way of doing things, if you will.



Here are some quotes from people on my forums who have purchased the book:


All those people that have asked me how I use the techniques used in my solo bass guitar songs have the information right here. The questions are answered.


Why “Not just another Bass guitar book”?  Well, there are plenty of books out there that teach you how to play music, and a Bass, theoretically.  Although these books are important (and I’d still recommend them!) they are quite lifeless, and seem to lack practical ideas. A lot are just repeated content from another book that was written the year before. Copy and paste tuition.  This is more a book of practical ideas, and therefore not just another Bass guitar book.


So, You might call it a book of notes and ideas.  Hopefully, something positive for everyone of all standards.


The book is aimed at intermediate players, but there is a lot of stuff for beginners in there as well. I didn’t want to just make it at one level, so i’ve tried to mix it up a bit, so everyone can benefit. This is certainly the case with the 61 free bass riffs.

What you are getting with the first book:

61 original Bass riffs to learn. all created by me, in all manners of genres and difficulty levels.  Punked, funked, slapped, tapped, strummed and more!  There are loads of riffs to play with for beginners and upwards!


An extra folder full of beats for you to practice with, in all different BPM’s and time signatures.


An e-book, with original and practical lessons, and video examples. The first book chapters chapters include:




On Technique.


Role of the Bass.


Bad habits you’d do well to avoid.


Playing with three fingers.


Jedi Bass tricks.


Downstrokin’ and upstrokin’.


Finger picking.


Composing simple Basslines.


Some timing and rhythm exercises.


The text files will be as PDF’s. Most modern computers will have a PDF reader. If not, there are plenty on google to choose from.


*The files themselves come as four .ZIP files.  I had to do this, because the file was WAY too big by itself.  So, I had to split them, just so it’s easier for you guys to download.

‘This really is some pretty damn good stuff. You’re encouraged to mess around with things and be creative, and that I think should be exemplary of all other bass books – but in my experience it sadly isn’t. This is one-of-a-kind. Most of the ideas in the aforementioned ‘Jedi Bass Tricks’ section can be applied to anything else you do as well.’-Pippynip

‘The encouragement to be creative is something that has been missing in pretty much most “learn how to” type books simply because they are trying to put a strict format on the books which the student is supposed to be following and exactly that just takes away any chance to be creative .. Thats why i really like the approach of a “collection of thoughts” as it just gives so much room to play around and experiment  ‘-Accipiter