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Here you will learn the shape of five chords to experiment with, and start to write music with. I also cover different ways of playing these chords.






This video is 30 minutes long.


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I dont teach the “names” of the chords, just the shapes. I name them “Primusy one” etc. At the end, we string these chords together to write a nice tune! This lesson is best for intermediate students, but will be O.K for beginners with good hand strength to sustain chords. It’s best if you do the “Orion" free lesson before you purchase this one


MASSIVE tips on how I compose music, here!


Don’t forget to do your hand and tendon exercises before you embark on this adventure!







(These vids are the same quality as my NEWER youtube videos. Same deal- Little theory, no technical jargon, just me, a bass and a camera!)


This is the type of music you'll be creating with these chords:





Here's the sequal!