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The Bass Effects I use

Firstly, here is a shortened video version of the full review featured below!

Ok, so i’ve been using this little gem for about two years now, So I think I have just enough experience to do a little review on it. Firstly, if you are considering purchasing this bit of magic in a box, please do via this link, because then I get paid a very, very small bit of commission, which goes towards supporting planet Lamius!


(plus, looking at these prices, you get it a lot cheaper than I did! Mwaaaaahh!)


KORG PX5D Pandora Personal Multi-Effect Processor with USB


So the more eagle-eyed of you guys may have noticed a massive increase of quality in my latest youtube videos. Well, that is because of this little unit. Before, I literally recorded me playing bass, with my bass amp on. Unfortunately, this also picked up background noise as well as other hellish sonic beasts, that wouldn’t be banished. Here is a great example of life before the Pandora:




And a Solo piece after I purchased the Pandora:

That video above is interesting actually, because that effect is a guitar effect of some sort. The Korg has 200 multi-effect programs (100 user/100 preset) that cover a massive range of musical styles. Sounds great on bass doesn’t it? Oh, and that beat is a pre-set one. Again, there are LOADS. You can speed em up, slow em down. Play in different signatures. Loads of options.


So here is an example of another guitar effect I used:




And another:

So that is a very small example of the Pandora with guitar effects only. Guitar effects on bass. The bass effects themselves are brilliant as well. Man, there are so many options here that I couldn’t do a “proper” review for years, I don’t think. Here is a nice example of how the Pandora maintains the low with one of the Bass effects:


You can grab effects, twist them, change them. And then, after all that you can play with cab sounds! The Korg “REMS” modeling technology. 180 variations of classic and cutting-edge guitar amps, bass amps, cabinets, classic and new effects allows you to do this.


There are so many options here.


And if I’m honest, i’ve only experimented with the tip of the ice-burg over the past six months. But you guys can see what I’ve achieved in my videos already.


So what else is great?


It’s USB. You plug it in, and you’re done. It really is that simple. I use a mac, and my Pandora and Mac are the best of friends. I didn’t set up ANYTHING. It could be different with P.C’s, but I reckon it will still be as simple. I also use this to record my music and songs, and again, it is simple. Plug in and play, baby!


It’s tiny. I can’t believe how this little thing stores so much. Oh, and that’s another thing. You can store effects you have created on it, and can summon them at a touch of a button. Nice and simple.


It’s got a tuner on it.


I got Ableton Lite Korg edition with mine. Ableton is an awesome bit of software that is really pushing the boundries of “on the fly” musical production at the moment. Do a youtube search on how cool it is.


You can jam along to external sources using your Ipod, computer, cd player etc. It has an AUX input on it, so you literally plug it in and play along to your favourite music.


It has a Phrase Trainer function (maximum 80 seconds) is a great way to learn music by ear or to practice improvisation.


And this is something I haven’t even played with yet! 744 rhythm and bass patterns and variations cover any musical styles you might need. Create twenty chains that connect these patterns in any playback order, and specify a chord progression for the chain


You can get pedals for it.


Ah guys, the list goes on. I seriously recommend it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gigging professional, or a guy that makes youtube videos, like me. This box will enhance your bass playing experience ten fold. My only criticism of it is, is that there is too much. I find myself about create a video or song, and then I hit a button. “Ooo! I like that effect, I say, and then hit another”. This goes on and on until I realize I haven’t written anything. I’ve just sat there and played with cool effects over the last four hours.


I don’t like having to mess around with computer type stuff that is technical and fiddly. I don’t have the patience. This little unit is so accessible, that my Nan could use it ( I tried to prove that, by making a video of her using it, but she spilt tea on it.)


And the conclusion?


The Korg Pandora PX5D has changed by bass playing life. Trust me. Do yourself a favour and get one! I also tired the Korg in the live band environment, and even though it takes some adjusting of settings, the effects are still clear and live.


Take care, guys!


KORG PX5D Pandora Personal Multi-Effect Processor with USB



Please note:  Although I loved the Korg Pandora unit, I have since moved onto this effects unit!