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(This video is very cheap, as I sniff in it.  I was going to delete the whole thing, but made it cheap instead.)






In this lesson we learn my bass version of Jeff Buckley’s version of Leonard Cohen’s classic! I tried to make this lesson as accesable for everyone, by not going into too much technical jargon, and keeping it as simple as possible. I would say that this lesson would be aimed at intermediate to advanced players, as there is a lot of chord work. Beginners that have done cool chords one and cool chords two maybe ok with this if they have gained the hand strength to hold those chords.

Here is the version you’ll be learning:











And the roots of the chords we are using are:


Intro / C / A / Verse / C / A / C / A / / F / F / C / G / / C /F G / A/ F / / G / G# / A / A /

CHORUS / F / F / A / A / / F / F / C / G /