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The Evolution of our free YouTube riffs!


These exercises have been created by me, and have been tried and tested with all my students. A lot of those guys (and Gals!) are now out gigging, and are at a very good standard


In this lesson are eight exercises to get you slapping and popping like the pro’s! They come as one video file that is about fifty-five minutes long. This package also comes with seven drum tracks that progress in speed.


Here is a brief summary of what we cover:


Exercise one:


Similar to our youtube video, but with a lot more groove, and a little harder. We start with a double slap, and incorperate pops, hammer-ons and mutes later. Also advice on the psychology of practice, featured here.


Exercise two:


An exercise designed to gain finger strength. More slaps and pops but also double popping as well as barring (or bridging) with the fretting hand. More advice on muting and the economy of motion, here.


Exercise three:


A cool line with a nice use of slides. A funky one, which is one of my personal favourites. Has a primus-like feel to it.


Exercise four:


A great exercise that can be changed to the users personal preference. Again, this exercise was created to build strength, but it’s main purpose is to build up speed and efficency! Exercise five: An exercise and discussion on the role of the Bass player, and how slap and pop fits into that role. Also, an exercise with a pocket played slap and pop groove, and how it applies to the role. Exercise six: Another groove based exercise that we move around onto different frets. Exercise seven: A percussive exercise that will speed up your slap and popping! A cool little exercise that also covers timing. Exercise eight: Another percussive lesson/exercise.





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