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Slap precision exercises!

With beginners and some intermediate players (those with not much slap and pop experience) I’ve noticed that they mostly get the pop down of slap and pop, but find the slap part a little more difficult. Especially as they move off of the E string, and onto others. This is completely natural, and happened to us all. It really is a case of practising your slap precision, until you have it down comfortably, and without making contact with the other strings!


So I’m going to make a few videos of slap parts, alone. No popping at this stage.


If you are a beginner, take it really slow. Go through the whole line, and try not to touch the other strings. Keep it clean, and be precise.


It doesn’t matter how slow you go. They key is precision! Of course, you could slap scales if you wanted, but I wanted to add a bit of funk to make things a little more interesting for you.


Once you have it down at your comfortable speed, speed it up. Again, you’re looking for precision. Clean strikes.




Tab for first lesson:








Ok, this lesson is a little less “funkier” than the first precision exercise. But needs must, and I designed this exercise to really help with your thumb targeting!




A||———7 6 5-3-5—



As per usual, strike the strings clean with your thumb. It’s quick, so you’re going to have to be precise. If it’s too fast, slow down. If you can do it easily (without accidently hitting ANY other strings), speed it up.


Good luck, and tell me how it goes!



Here we have a slap exercise that has a consistent and constant rhythm throughout.  The mutes and nature of the slap are creating a rhythmic feel about the line.


This exercise will give you a good sense of timing if you play it along to a beat or a metronome.


Try and keep everything as tight as possible!  Remember, be strict with yourselves:











Here we have another Slap precision exercise!


This one has a little more funk than the others, and is a straight line. Click here for a link to the previous exercise.


Remember, the purpose of these exercises is to get your slap technique down, nice and tight, without hitting other strings, etc. Focus, Padawan.


Here is the tab:













































Rather than using tabs, I now explain how to play the line from now on: