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Welcome to the ULTIMATE Beginners Bass guitar course.  That is completely free.  Here, you will learn all the tools you will need to play Bass guitar, with no over complicated jargon.


In the video to the side,  you will find the different sections. In this lesson, you will learn about the function of the Bass, the parts, how to hold, how to play, how to read tab, plus blues lines to learn as well as rocky, funky and normal lines to learn. We also look at the economy of motion, and plenty of beginner Bass techniques.


In addition, here's some extra products that may help you on your way!


Tab's support these lessons, as well as drum beats to play along to. The lesson gets increasingly harder as it goes on.


SECTION ONE: Three important things: 1:00


SECTION TWO: Your Bass guitar & How to hold your Bass guitar: 2:24


SECTION THREE: How to play your Bass guitar: 7:13


SECTION FOUR: How to read tablature 12:32


SECTION FIVE: The economy of motion: 16:20


SECTION SIX: 17:44 (4/4) Normal line 19:11 Funky line 22:43 Rocky line 26:10 Bluesy line 29:41 + Drum beats & Tablature.


SECTION SEVEN: 32:20 Looking at different time signatures: (3/4) Line 1: 33:50 Line 2: 37:00


SECTION EIGHT: 39:24 Slightly harder lines in 4/4 including slides & Hammer-ons. (4/4) Normal line: 40:14 Funky Line: 42:37 Rocky Line: 45:23 Hammer-on exercise: 48:33