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Welcome to the way of the Low-End warrior, Fat Stringer.

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Verse 1.  The Fat String trinity.  May this become your Mantra, Meditation, and study focus!


The Gods of the low have ordered me to impart this knowledge with you, Fat Stringer.  Come 'ye and bestow the teachings of the Bass lords that have gone before 'Ye.  If this information helps, please consider donating to the cause of the low-end warrior

Verse 2:  Link Thy Low-end beast to the associated frequencies of other musical creatures (Learn How to tune)

(Here is a lesson on this study.  In addition, I recommend a good frequency allignment system such as this one)


(When faced with the prospect of too much twangy twangy high end frequency, thumping of tubs and loud shouty people - quieten thy mind, and remind thyself of the Trinity)


If thou has trained the power of the ear, tune via this potent message:

Verse 3:  Align thyself with thou maker of rhythm.  Become your own metronome.  Be the keeper of universal time.  Creative a telepathic relationship with thy drummer.

(but do not associate with them for too long, as they can sometimes be foul smelling beasts)

Use these loops to perfect thou time.  Practice everything you have already learnt alongside thy beatage.  Especially all learnt within verse 6

Verse 4:  Study the Fat String Tree of Life.

Here we have my gift to you in its entirety, Brothers & Sisters.   Study well, and you will become well on your way to Bass Lordiness like many Fat Stringers that have walked before you.  As many of our Brothers & Sisters will tell you, you shall be at performance level on completion.

Bass_tree arrow Parchment_Paper_2_by_Allocer2009

Verse 5:  Study thou works of the low-end warriors that have walked before ye.


Close thy eyes when studying the sounds of the Lords, and connect thou spirit with the low end.  Focus on it.  Dance with it.  Become it.


(A few of my favourite low-end warriors)

VERSE 6:  Strengthen thy resolve (practice daily) - Songs, exercises, scales - whatever you wish.  Try and do it for one hour a revolution of the Earth around the sun.

Also check out my Ultimate Beginners course.  In this course (which is completely free) You'll learn absolutely everything you need to know to get into the fine art of BAss playing.


Literally everything is covered here!


But until then, bestow my previous works that can be used to strengthen thy resolve!

Slap Precision Exercises

Songs to learn for Bass

Riff of the week

Some of my Cool Funk riffs

Tapping Exercises

Finger Funk Exercises

VERSE 7:  Un-lock the secrets within the Major Scale.  The most important theoretical knowledge you will learn, and it's quite simple.  Thy advanced knowledge is up to you. 

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